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Weddings ‘R’ Us

RPS LogoA few things to tell you, so little listen in. First off – The Royal Photographic Society only went and awarded me an Associateship! So I have more letters after my name (if I choose to use them, which I won’t coz I’m not into that personally, BUT…..I wanted to shout about it now……and then I’ll stop, ok).

Wedding in't countrySecondly I have launched a brand new wedding photography website which I implore you to check oot and more importantly share with folk that are engaged, getting engaged soon, hoping to get engaged at some point.My style is more non-traditional than traditional, in a creative documentary, reportage sort of way. I keep as true to my creative roots as possible and try and capture weddings with an arty-eye.

Lastly I inform you all of my next live street event that commences on Thursday the 15th of May, from 6pm, ‘Street Art at Night’ at Terrace bar, in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter area. This time round it is more of a collaboration with Manchester’s finest street artists, showcasing local talent. The art painted live on the night, in real time, will be raffled off for Mustard Tree, a local homeless charity that is doing wonderful things for the ever increasing homeless population. And as if all of that isn’t enticing enough, New York Brass Band the lively guys from York, that play in a New Orleans Style are coming to provide tunes for the evening accompanied by an m.c. (rapper goes by the name of Bedos, lovely chap).

Shutter up!

Clap please…………….it’s for charity.

_DSC4357Lets start with a round of applause – for a generous donation to Mustard Tree, the local homeless charity, that the profits of the silent auction at my street art photography exhibition, went to. Without the many bids and many raffle tickets bought, this wouldn’t have been possible. So thanks to all that contributed. The applause is for you too (as well as little, not so old, me).

From the success of the exhibition and Terrace bar’s pleasant surprise at how well it was received by their punters, staff and the committed folk that went to view it; solely because they like photography and now street art and now Terrace and most importantly… work, I will be having another exhibition, covering their trendy exposed brick walls in the new year. Watch this space. Ok? Good.

_DSC5809Further to this I’ve been interviewed by Example Magazine, the ‘online representation of a generation and scene in Manchester’. Always nice to be asked questions….Einstein agreed, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Yes, indeed.

One of my proud moments was receiving The Royal Photographic Societies Contemporary Photography’s Quarterly journal with a double, centre-paged spread featuring my Breaking project! To sit amongst some prolific, inspiring photographers, was pretty humbling. I’m hoping to give a talk to the group next Autumn, at their photo-book symposium. Good job I like talking.


Brick Lane Penguins chillingSaving the best to last….I have a brand new shop page on my website where you can purchase framed prints and canvasses to adorn your walls or friends and families walls….. in good time for Christmas and Chanukah presents, so go ahead and browse, don’t be shy. I’ve started at bargain prices in time for gift buying season and so buy buy buy, before the prices go up up up 🙂

So far, so good.

Terrace ExhibitionSoooo much involved in creating a solo exhibition. I now know. I now know how to multi-task. I now know how to curate. I now know that I’m able to impress many people at one time. I now know how to pull one off 
I had some great previews written by Manchester influential folk, such as the delightful Manchester Confidential, Manchester Wire, Manchester Evening News, Business Boom Bolton and Univeristy of Bolton.

£40 Reserve.

£40 Reserve.

On the opening night, 4th of September, there was 7 of Manchester’s best street artists painting live till dead late (11pm) and 2 of these paintings got raffled off on the night along with signed prints of mine and 3 of them were included in the silent auction, which has ran for 8 the week duration of the show. I purposefully put low reserves against all 26 items so Jo Bloggs could afford to buy art. Hhmmm, ever wondered if there is anyone out there called Jo Bloggs (and does he dot dot dot blog)? I’ve had a fair few bids, but not enough and so I’m demanding that people take this last chance opportunity to pur-chase a piece of street art or photography of it at ‘rock-bottom prices’ (said in an aggressive American advert voice-over)!

Low Reserve of £60. Donated by SLM art.

Low Reserve of £60. Donated by SLM art.

Your very last chance ladies & gentlemen is…….Wednesday 30th of October, at Terrace in the Norvern Quarter, from 6pm. Again you will not only be able to check out the talents live, of Manchester’s finest street artists, but also be able to win ALL of these paintings in the raffle on the night. I know, I know.
Here’s a promotional video that I’m promoting. So please take a couple of minutes out of your Facebooking day to watch, see how fun it looks and then come on down next Wednesday, the 30th.

See you then bidders 

Busy showing off – showing pictures off.

EdenIt’s a good job there aren’t prizes for blogging regularly ‘ey (……….I’d be particularly empty handed). Although maybe if there were prizes then I’d be encouraged to blog more, aha! I have the best intentions of blogging/writing/venting/informing/telling/ detailing at least…………….more than I ACTUALLY do. And we all know that intentions count, right?
Anyway, this ones gonna be jam-packed I tell ya. (Keep up!)

Summer began early, with a gloriously sunny Eden Festival. Being a big advocate for smaller, bohemian, boutique style festivals I…….loved it sooooo much, it’s taken poll position! They get Gold for attention to detail, things going on besides the music, for instance jelly-wrestling competitions, Mr. Motivator mass work-out and the decoration of the entire Eden Festival is pulled off astoundingly well.
My photo-book, ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’ has had some great press of late; an interview with me about the book has been published on Business Boom Bolton’s website. They showcase up-and-coming Northern creative types. That must be me then!
STA Travel had me write 12 Killer Tips to Taking Amazing Travel Photos and happily a few thousand inquisitive types read it, in just the first few days of it being published in their newsletter, blog, facebook page and twitter – Social Networkin’ eat your heart out!

Heaton Park

photosbyness has been in photo competition overload, so blooming competitive! Having entered the Landscape of The Year Comp – Network Rail, The Royal Photographic Society’S (RPS) International Print Comp, China Colourful Guizhou Comp and soon to enter the RPS Urban Photography Comp and many more (now I’m slightly addicted), I’m awaiting results and positive outcomes (all fingers crossed please – you’ve got to be in it to win it, right? Or I’ve got to be in it to win it!)
Dancing and ThatElectric ElephantJust gotten back from a fabulous, scorching time at Electric Elephant Festival in stunning Croatia, where dancing to funky house wielding my camera has become a new found passion. Over 8000 appreciative people have viewed them so far through Facebook, woohoo!

Now for the exciting, ‘What’s Happening Now’ stuff……..’The Writing’s On The Wall’ will be exhibiting at a busy, trendy bar in Manchester, called Terrace, for 8 weeks. This promises to be an exhibition with a difference. I promise. Starting with a grand opening on Wednesday 4th of September. I’ll be showcasing a selection of images from the photo-book and graffiti art by local painters. There will be a silent auction on for the duration of the show, with a vaiety of items including ‘photography tutorial experience’, ‘learn to do street art’, signed prints, graffiti pieces and charity based items, such as ‘multiple hot meals for the homeless’. There will also be an on-line bidding site available too.

Blue Tit NQ

With the auction proceeds going to Manchester Homeless Charity, Mustard Tree, set up in 1994 to provide support to the homeless and marginalised across Greater Manchester. The exhibition is going to help fund a range of projects focused on improving skills, encouraging social interaction, tackling some of the personal root causes of destructive behaviour, as well as supplying essential life support to the homeless in the forms of food, clothing and training amongst others.

Up ThereThere’s also going to be a raffle on the opening night to win signed prints and graffiti pieces. Popular, local street artist Russ Meehan will be on hand, on the opening night, doing live graffiti painting, to be auctioned off too. Bespoke frames, made out of graffiti materials will lend towards the alternative curation style.

The event will be free to attend. For more details contact me [email protected]

Right I think that’s about enough for you all to digest. Bye for now. Hope to see you at the exhibition 🙂

Food Porn – mmmmmmm!

Oxjam LeedsWell, it’s been a while, a lot has happened and is happening……..

Oxjam Festival in Leeds was a whole lot of fun to be a part of. Very well ran by allllllllllll the volunteers (of which there were many. Some people can be so selfless – inspirational to the others who aren’t so much).

Food Porn could be a way to head with my image taking. I mean people who make food look A-mazing, who can make your mouth water, you take pictures of said delicious food and then get to devour it afterwards, oh my god – winning!
Downfalls are:
– If it is proper (professional) food photography required, not being able to eat the lacquer-sprayed, shiny food is akin to a strip club, “You can look, but you can’t touch!”
– Sharing……..undoubtedly there’ll be more than one person that wants a piece.
Turns out food photos rank right up there with baby snapshots and cat memes, important to clarify here that now we are discussing, when it comes to the most common images people share online.
Personally I can’t decide what is the most annoying. Answers on a postcard.

Brekkie, mmm!But as some commenters have since pointed out, the problems with taking food photos go beyond the health pitfalls of food fixation; the habit can be a social pain, too. The condition is called…………….. ’I’m annoying and I don’t know it.’

These stressful thoughts all stemmed from capturing the new brekkie menu at Electric Bar in Chorlton, Manchester. Where breakfast’s concerned……..they know what they’re doing (breakfast porn, starting the day from a whole different level). Thanks Electric. Thanks.

Next to much more important stuff………my newly produced, exhibited and soon to be published, photo-book, ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’. It has so far been very well-received and I hope it continues in this vain. Here’s a 2 minute video trailer about the contents of the book.

Nature v Paint, Bristol Here’s the shpeal, ‘Photographic fragmentation is a concept where an image captures part of the whole. The viewer can imagine the whole through the significant detail and the context. Close-up shots present the beauty within, they offer a microscopic fidelity and create a compelling narrative. Fragmentation leads to curiosity the viewer may begin to scour the image for clues, forcing an interactive process and viewer engagement. ‘ Bet you want to look at it now ‘ey. Yeh you do.

Next for PhotosByNess is festival season, yippeeeeee!
Starting with Eden Festival, held at Raehills Meadows, Dumfries and Galloway (Scot-a-land). Boutique festivals in stunning locations have got to be the way forward, sorry Glasto fans, but trapesing behind a crowd to get to the next crowd isn’t fun.
Electric Elephant in Croatia is assumadly going to be a highlight of the summer too. I mean that’s just obvious right? Sun, Sea and Sexy pictures, where uniform is a bikini and expenses are Pina Coladas!

Right well I think that’s all for now. Till next time…………………

B B B Blogging………. (about topless men!)

So on Saturday I did a relatively enjoyable job that was photographing 4 male topless models who were launching the new Lady Gaga fragrance, did I mention that they were topless? Well they were…….very much so. Having not worked with model types before it was a particularly memorable experience, they’re actually real people………real people that look well above average, that possibly don’t eat fast food, do lift things that weigh a lot repeatedly, don’t watch Newsnight and do watch The Only Way is Essex. They were very compliant at having their picture taken and unsurprisingly vain
and asked to see them all.

Would I do it again………’Yes’
Do I now think differently about these (almost) perfectly shaped people…….. ‘Yes’
Did I get some good snaps?…………’Yes’ (but mainly for my bedroom wall. What?)

I went straight to Bristol for a few days, ended up packing a whole load of stuff in (in true me style); went to a gig, saw my friends new baby “Welcome to Bristol Arthur, you’ll like it”, ate too well, saw more friends who I miss (that’s a major downfall to being an adult, as opposed to a kid when they all lived in the same suburb).

Oh yeh and most importantly got snap ‘appy amongst the walls and gutters of Britol (well mainly Nelson Street, home to some cracking graffiti). Lots for the photobook. Due out at christmas by the way………in all good book shops…………oh no wait, I mean, erm well we’ll see (……..who I can talk in to putting it on their shop shelf………not top shelf, it’s not going to be that sort of book).

Nelson Street, Bristol

One of my next jobs is working for Oxfam at their Leeds Oxjam festival on the 20th of October, snap snap snapping all the local musical talent.

Till next time……….

Blog no.1 – Dear Diary………….

Here’s to the first of many, clink…….that was a metaphorical toast that was (keep up).

Welcome, welcome one and all to ‘Photos by Ness’, unless you’ve skipped straight to the blog, you’ll have browsed the fresh looking site, read about me and now have some grounding as to what I’m good at. As it turns out aswell as pointing the camera in the right direction, I also quite like to blog so for future reference it’ll be worth regularly stopping by and reading my drivel on all things relevant to ‘Photos by Ness’; what I’ve done, doing, how a certain subject might have made me giggle indirectly or directly. If you like people watching, like I do, you’ll agree that human interactions/happenings can be accidentally funny and these are the type of things I like to comment about. If you’ve read my previous travel blog you’ll be nodding your head in agreement and if not well it’s not too late, read and hopefully laugh (if not smirk at least).

Getting back to the present, now there’s an oxymoron , I’ll be dropping in educated words from time to time, few and far between…….. as I don’t know many (but see links for definitions……..this is an interactive blog don’t you know).

Designing a website is blooming fun, time consuming, but fun. I highly recommend it. I’ve enjoyed many different aspects, from (believe it or not) the hours of creating my logo, to going through and selecting the ‘best of the best’ pictures that I’ve taken spanning the last 9 years.

From the selection of 6 projects I’m hoping to showcase an array of my styles. From my first ever photography project with my foldable bike (which I never folded) inspired by Kenneth Josephson, the first ever photographer I was introduced to, which reflects my interest and ability to produce creative concepts through to my current projects within the graffiti scene, where I’ve discovered a new found interest, to the opposite end of the spectrum…….. travel photography of which I’ve massively expanded my collection from competition winning reasons ( see the STA page for explanation).

To conclude….. it has to be said that I’m thoroughly looking forward to continuing with my photography career and all it brings. Thanks to all that have (and will in the future….oh go on) backed me up, bigged me up and helped me so far.

Continue to ‘watch this space’………………